Jeff Cheney, Mayor of Frisco Endorsement

 Jeff Cheney, Mayor of Frisco city endorses Gopal for Frisco ISD Board of Trustees Place 1

Frisco City Council Endorsements

Will Sowell, Frisco City Council Member


I am proud to support and endorse Gopal Ponangi in his election for Frisco ISD Board of Trustee’s. One of keys to the success of Frisco has been the great partnership between the City of Frisco and Frisco ISD. Gopal has a long history of community involvement in Frisco including serving on Frisco ISD’s Long Range Planning Committee and the Programs and Facilities Evaluation Committee. In addition he is an advisory Board Member for the Frisco Education Foundation. This experience combined with his passion for education and leadership in the community make him an ideal candidate to serve as a Trustee for Frisco ISD.

Brian Livingston, Frisco City Councilman


I am glad to endorse Gopal Ponangi for Frisco ISD Board of Trustee’s. Gopal has consistently stepped up and volunteered for his community and has shown a commitment to participating in all opportunities to learn about and help FISD. Gopal is a valuable asset to Frisco and his leadership will help Frisco stay a great place to live.

John Keating, Frisco City Councilman


I have known Gopal Ponangi and his family for several years and I can sum up all of Gopal’s attributes for effective governing very simply: trust. All too often missing in today's leaders, Gopal is committed to being open and sincere without disguise or pretense. There aren’t many men I have met with more raw integrity than Gopal Ponangi.

Tim Nelson, Frisco City Councilman


I am proud to endorse Gopal for FISD Board of Trustees Place 1. During my association with Gopal, I have seen that he is a motivated community leader working on several causes that have greater impact on the society. His passion for education is evident through his engagement with FISD and the initiatives his Foundation supports. Gopal will be the right choice to serve as a Board of Trustee.

Shona Huffman, Frisco City Council Member


As a former educator, It is with great pleasure that I support Frisco’s own Gopal Ponangi for Frisco ISD Board of Trustees Place 1. Gopal is a servant leader with a servant heart, ready to get to work for our students, teachers, parents and taxpayers. 

The passion that Mr. Ponangi exudes for education is clear and apparent in the years he has dedicated to Frisco ISD as a fellow member of the Long Range Planning Committee, the Programs and Facilities Evaluation Committee and the Frisco Education Foundation. 

Gopal’s giving is not limited to volunteering for FISD committees. Where he sees a need, he finds a solution. He has personally worked to raise money for students in need and created scholarships to help these students continue their educational pursuits.

I will vote for Gopal on April 22nd and I hope our community can count on you to do the same

Please join me in voting for Gopal for Frisco ISD Board of Trustees Place 1.


FRISCO ISD and educator Endorsements

Cindy Dobbs Hons, Frisco ISD Retired Teacher


 Gopal Ponangi is exactly the candidate for the Frisco ISD Board of Trustees that Paul Hons and I envision. Gopal serves on the Frisco Educational Foundation and has created the Shubham Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)3, to support local education and health initiatives.

Gopal and I have served together on the FISD Long Range Planning Committee and the FISD Facilities and Programs Evaluation Committee and I am impressed at every meeting with his education knowledge and fierce commitment for my beloved Frisco Independent School District.

With a combined 60 years of working in Texas public education and Texas higher education, Paul and I strongly feel that Gopal has taken the necessary steps in order to prepare himself to represent Frisco ISD and highly recommend our friends who live in the Frisco ISD area to join us in voting for him.

Please like and share his Facebook campaign page with your friends.

Rene Archambault, Frisco ISD Board Trustee


When I consider who I want to represent not only my child and her teachers, but the 60,000 other students and 7,800 other teachers and staff members in our district, I want someone who has prepared for that role throughout many years of district service. That person is Gopal. As the newest elected member of the school board I realize just how critical those many years of preparation and knowledge gathering are. As a Trustee casts their vote for items as important as student programming and opportunities, the annual budget, personnel hiring, issues pertaining to rapid growth, and countless other issues, serving on committees and spending time deeply learning our district is paramount. And Gopal has done just that. Join me in supporting Gopal for Place 1.

Sunita Ritesh


Many of you would know, I feel very passionately about education and the system involving around it. But the Special Need Department holds a very special place in my heart. I had a 2 year stint here in US working with the Special Need Department as a Para Professional. Something that I hadn't planned, happened by complete ignorance of the classroom I was walking into.  Click to read full endorsement

Athirai Baskaran, Executive Director, Children's Garden Montessori Academy


  My family and I have known Gopal for more than 15 years. During this time, I have seen Gopal work tirelessly for the community. He has done lot of work through various non-profits; which impacted the lives of several people in a positive way. I am glad that he is now planning to serve our School District. I am sure that this will be a great benefit to the students, teachers, parents and the tax payers. I wish him good luck and will request all of my friends to support me by voting for Gopal 



Texas State Government endorsements

Matt Shaheen, State Representative - Texas


Glad to see my buddy Gopal Ponangi running for Frisco ISD Trustee. He will make a great member of the school board!



Frisco Community Leader Endorsements

Ashley and Justin Miller, Director of Community Relations, National Breast Cancer Foundation


As a young family, we understand the importance of investing in Frisco ISD. Gopal has a passion for people and family - values that proudly align with our own. We whole-heartedly endorse Gopal and hope you will join us in supporting him as our next Frisco ISD Trustee. - Ashley and Justin

KD Warach


I’m pleased to endorse Gopal for FISD. I believe, under Gopal’s leadership our excellent school district will keep moving in the right direction. 


Jamie Kaplan Heit



I am thrilled to support Gopal for Frisco ISD Board of Trustees Place 1. I have had the pleasure of getting to know Gopal through our work together on the Long Range Planning and the Facilities and Programs Evaluation committees. During our committee-work, I was impressed by Gopal’s ability to thoroughly evaluate the issues placed before us. Not only is Gopal exceptionally diligent and hard-working, but he is also sincere, trustworthy and willing to listen to all sides of an issue, which in my mind, are key characteristics of a good trustee. I have three children in Frisco ISD (elementary, middle and high school) and I feel confident that their futures are in good hands with Gopal’s leadership.

Ivy Sun


Passion, politeness, influence and impact—That’s Mr. Ponangi and more! It was nice meeting with him yesterday, listening to his campaign stories, exchanging concerns and ideas fore Frisco ISD, and sharing the values of Asian backgrounds... Go Gopal for FISD! Our family supports you!

Chris Ranucci


I have known Gopal for almost 15 years. We were coworkers for much of that time. Gopal is a fierce worker, loves his city, and has the utmost integrity.  Do Frisco a favor and take the time to Elect Gopal.

Rob Danz


Frisco friends - Gopal and I worked together several years ago and I can certainly attest to his character. Do consider him on your ballots.

Founder of Shastha Foundation; Raman Velu Endorses Gopal Ponangi for Frisco  ISD Board of Trustees Place 1

Ann Anderson Endorses Gopal for FISD, TV9 Interview